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In a digitized world, it is imperative that you have a digital footprint. A website is one of the most crucial things that you can create to have potential customers find you. A well-designed website from Nathan T. Crowe Marketing is the start that you need to get your name out there and establish your brand. A website should be informational and functional. Additionally, the algorithms for Google monitor and track user’s interactions with your website. The longer a user is on your website, the more reliable Google’s digital investigators think your site is. The result is a higher ranking. The higher you rank in search results, the more you become known. It’s no secret that some of the biggest businesses started in a garage or the basement of someone’s house. 

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Not one company in existence opened its doors as a million-dollar company. When you put the right blocks in place from the beginning, your foundation is much stronger. When those steps are not taken properly, your site and company can be left feeling the effects financially. Great marketing starts with a great marketing team.  Anyone can be a “website designer San Antonio.” But do they know the ins and outs of website design San Antonio? Frequently, many people will claim to know best practice methods when it comes to building and designing a website. However, that is not always true.  

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As a small business, it is imperative that you have a fully functional and easy-to-understand website. The content needs to be informational. Within Google’s algorithm, content is king. What this means is that to be a fully trusted website in the eyes of Google, you must have informational content that your readers will respond to. Chances are, if a potential customer opens your website and there are a bunch of various colors and flashes that make it hard to read, the user will not stay on your page for very long. They will click off of your page and go to another site. Google will see this and begin to think that your site is not optimized to meet its user’s demands, therefore you will not rank as high. With certain types of websites, such as e-commerce, landing pages, and just various informational sites, the content will always be king. This is because Google feels that its users want information. No one wants to go to a site about cars and see only a picture of a car with the word car below. This does not fit the narrative that Google feels its users are looking for. 

With that being said, there are a lot of ways that you can optimize your website. The layout is crucial. A user should be able to find what they are looking for on your website easily. No one wants to spend an hour looking for specific information from your site. They want to pop onto your site, find the information they are looking for and move on. When you have your site fully optimized with keywords, informational content, and a good solid, easy-to-follow layout, the user’s experience will be improved. Therefore increasing your trust value with Google. Everything is done to improve that trust value with Google. Once you have the trust, it is a matter of maintaining. This is done through ongoing SEO as well as periodic updates to your website. No one wants to read a website with outdated information. 

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Big chain companies and billion-dollar businesses are not the only ones that need a well-designed website. A good website can benefit even the smallest of businesses by drawing consumers to you with well-written content and easy access to contact information. Nathan T. Crowe Marketing is here to lend you a helping hand with website design, no matter how big or small your company is. Our team will create attention-grabbing content full of information to help your potential consumers see why you are better than the competition. With that content in an eye-catching layout with some content-specific images included, we will deliver a website that is tailored to you and perfect for your consumer’s needs. Our team doesn’t stop as soon as the content is written and the website is built. Before we turn over your ideal website, we check every link to ensure no functionality issues. We check to make sure the entire website loads properly, from the headers to the included images. When we are done building the perfect website for you and your business, we want to be 100% certain it is fully functional and ready for your customers to view. Once your new website is launched, (or if you have an existing website), once we receive the login information, we will monitor your site. This allows us to track where you are ranking for specific keywords. This also allows us to track what YOUR customers are looking for.  In a digitized world, your website is your face to the public. A well designed website, filled with effective and well written content is what will build trust with Google. This combined with SEO, backlinks, social signals, and other marketing tools will allow us to aggressively push your business to the top. When you partner with Nathan T. Crowe Marketing, you are making the choice to better your digital footprint and force your potential customers to find you. Let your website make your money for you. That is what they are there for!  A website that doesn’t bring in leads is as effective as a lawnmower without blades. Sure, you have one, but it isn’t doing anything to better your business. So, fill out the form on this page, and let’s get started!